GNLP Consultation: Sites the Developers want in the Valley

The following sites, all or part, are in the existing protected green space of Yare Valley Green Infrastructure Corridor (River Valleys Policies: SNDC Policy ENV2 and NCC Policy NE 1):


0158 A substantial removal of protected green space

0253 Colney Hall. Extensions to existing site approval. Extensions take up a substantial area of existing protected green space.

0514 A narrow stretch of land to the river’s edge. An intrusion into the protected green space, which is damaging as itself, but, if approved, could create a dangerous precedent for future adjacent green space development.

0140 A and B. The Rugby Club development which includes a large clubhouse, road and car parking. Permission has already been granted for a strictly conditioned development on these sites in spite of them being in a “protected” area. Granting status as a “Development Site” would open the door to further development beyond what has already been approved. It could also facilitate another application for a different development should the present approved development not go ahead.


0244 Involves substantial loss of protected woodland. Possible impact on water runoff into the Valley with potential increased flooding downstream, as a result of loss of water holding woodland.

0461 A significant removal of protected green space


0133 E and F Substantial loss of protected green space between Bluebell Road and the river and including that currently accommodating the Little Tinkers Horse and Donkey Sanctuary. Development here would obstruct the existing green linkage between the Valley and Eaton Park.

0184 Flood vulnerable development at rivers edge.

Please note: this list is provided in good faith, but please check with the GNLP literature if you wish to comment in detail on any one particular site.


Don’t Panic! These are proposed sites. Your comments can help to ensure they never appear in the final Greater Norwich Local Plan.

 Good Luck. Thank you for helping us to protect the Yare Valley.

The Valley in Peril

Greater Norwich Development Plan Consultation:

Is it the end of the Yare Valley Green Space as we know it?

The Greater Norwich Local Plan is out for public consultation and comments must be in by Thursday 15th March at 1700, details can be found at A roadshow with an opportunity to talk with Council Officers will take place on Saturday 17th February from 10 am to 4 pm at the Norwich Millennium Library, NR2 1TF.

For the future well being of the Yare Valley it is important our members make their voice heard.

Please take a careful look at these plans to see how well they are likely to protect our green spaces. A particular concern is the large number of sites that are being put forward for development that lie in the Yare Valley Green Space. Go to and look under Colney and Cringleford and Norwich for the maps.
Development on many of the submitted sites could have a devastating effect on the valley as a green space.

The details of the Society’s most serious concerns will be posted in the coming days, but please look at these plans and prepare your own comments. In any event, be sure to send them in, either before or after, you hear from the Society further.