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We made new additions to the gallery in early 2023, and images below are now grouped under the names of contributors.

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Lynda Clarkson

UEA to Cringleford and Marston Marshes, Keswick Mill

Lyn in July 2020 writes

“I often walk around the UEA to Cringleford, which is absolutely beautiful. [Here I took] … pictures of the Water Voles this Spring before the rushes grew too high!

Also, … a drake going after a duck whilst she was caring for her ducklings.”

“These pictures [below] have been taken on the last 2 walks I have had, and thoroughly enjoyed. I love the wild flowers around the Marshes at this time of year, encouraging many butterflies and insects. My walk starts early from Marston Lane and I walk a full circle and include a stroll over the rail track to Keswick Mill and beyond, going as far as the Ispwich Road. The early morning sounds from the birds and insects as well as wild life is unbelievable. How lucky am I to have this relatively on my doorstep!”

Kate Stephenson

Waitrose Water Meadow and St Andrew’s Church

Kate’s photographs are taken around the Waitrose Water meadow and St Andrew’s Church, a part of the river often neglected by photographers.

Kate’s Blog at is an online space dedicated to spotlighting wildlife conservation and environmental issues worldwide. She has compiled and edited a book, Connections with Nature, featuring 50 moments of meeting the wild.

Mike Gorski

Cringleford Bridge to UEA Campus

Mike’s photos are from a less usual viewpoint. All are taken while in a coracle out on the river between Cringleford Bridge and the UEA Campus.  The landing swan was unexpected – and disconcerting in his vulnerable craft!

Philip Wood

Marston Marsh

Philip writes:

“I am an amateur photographer and have taken a variety of photographs at different times of the year on Marston Marsh, as I am also a regular dog walker down there.”