Disappearing Nature: March to “Restore Nature Now”

Conservation Volunteers June Programme

Talk and AGM: Managing the Yare Valley for People and Wildlife

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Worn and widening path at UEA

Eaton Parish Eco Fair Saturday 11th May

A panel from the YVS Eco Fair Display

Conservation Volunteers May Programme

Yare Valley Meadow Makers rake it in

Marston Marshes Ornithological Update

No way for walkers Photo: Tim Hill
Waterbirds welcome Photo: Tim Hill

Conservation Volunteers Programme for March

Mark Webster of the Conservation Volunteers (TCV) writes: 

Spring is in the air (“boing”, said Zebedee) so it’s time to get our tree planting finished (at Sprowston, Hingham and Horsford, where ‘urricanes ‘ardly ever ‘appen) and then we move on to pastures new.  Well, strictly speaking it’s meadows new as we will be planting new wildflower meadows* at two sites in central Norwich.  We will also move from cutting willow at East Ruston to teasing out little gorse seedlings from the young heather.  There’s also a new woodland path to make, the first steps towards an exciting new network linking miles of little open spaces into an exciting green corridor for everyone to enjoy exploring.

And before you know it, it will be Easter, after which tasks will resume again, so that you can burn off all those extra calories from crème eggs.

PS: Incredibly geeky point, but officially a pasture is grazed, whereas a meadow is cut for hay.  You learn something new every day, even if you don’t want to!

The Programme is here.