Bartram Mowers: Developers think again.

Developers have withdrawn their planning application for phase 2 of their development at Bartram Mowers on Bluebell Road. Planners at City Hall had serious reservations about the application, and it seems that the developers have decided to withdraw the plans rather than attempt radical change.

The YVS view is that any plans for the Bartram Mowers development need to be sensitive to the needs of the Yare Valley as a green infrastructure corridor. The plans were seen to be unsatisfactory on a number of grounds, but of particular importance to the Valley is that Phase 2 is supposed to deliver a significant area of open space. Planners describe this open space as “the opportunity to become a valuable piece of local green infrastructure for the wider community, as well as serving the development itself”. Unfortunately, the developer’s plans failed to explain what enhancements would be made to the open space or how it would function.

There can be little doubt that the developers will be returning with a new set of plans. Hopefully these will pay more attention to the role the delivery of open space has to play in the enhancement of the Yare Valley for wildlife and recreation.