Covid19 Enjoy the open spaces in the Yare Valley

Tomorrow (Monday 1 June) sees some relaxing of the lock-down with the attendant dangers. Strict observance of social distancing continues to be of utmost importance. It is wonderful to see great use being made of the Yare Valley Green Corridor, and the benefit it has been to so many; but parts of the riverside walk are becoming crowded, and in places, social distancing can be difficult.

Wide Paths on Marston Marsh make distancing easy

Many of us are avoiding the narrower paths, and turning instead to the wide open spaces of Marston Marsh, Eaton Common, Earlham Park and the Bowthorpe Marshes. Marston Marsh looks particularly lovely at this time, with an air of remoteness. There is plenty to see.

Flowers on Marston Marsh

Eaton Common is missed by many. A circular walk allowing plenty of distancing space in most places. The walk includes a tranquil stretch of the river with passing places.

Circular walk on Eaton Common