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Newsflash: It is vital all who appreciate our green space respond to the latest Government Consultation “Planning for the Future”. Environmental Groups see the proposals as a threat to biodiversity and community well-being. The Yare Valley Society has published it’s own response. See Consultations.

Who we are

The Yare Valley at Norwich is recognised both locally and nationally by statutory authorities, voluntary bodies and individuals, as an area of high landscape quality and ecological importance that should be protected from the strong pressures for development in the Norwich area. It presents attractive and accessible open countryside within easy reach of Norwich and its environs and as such, it is a valuable recreational, wildlife, and visual asset.

Vigilance and action on the part of all concerned are needed to protect it.

Established in 1967, we are a voluntary group with about 400 members.

What we do

We represent members’ views and concerns, by commenting regularly on planning applications and policies, which affect the valley. We have given evidence at Public Planning Inquiries, lobbied MPs and Councillors, and helped to establish footpaths.

We inform by issuing a members newsletter several times a year. We also inform a wider public by means of letters and articles in the local press, leaflet distribution, this website and Facebook.

We meet for guided walks and discussions on planning issues.