Volunteering in October

The October Programme for the Conservation Volunteers is now available here.

Mike Webster writes:

“October is approaching, and it definitely the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness now.  I hope that you know someone can come out and join us for a transitional month as we finish off cutting and raking our precious remaining wildflower meadows, before moving into more scrub clearance and pond work as the nesting season finishes.  To celebrate Friday 13th we have a trip to a spooky castle, but on Halloween itself the only horror show will be seeing how overgrown some newly planted trees have got!  Also this month there’s the chance to both cut back laurel and plant spring bulbs in Cringleford, and we will be exploring some new areas of East Ruston’s giant area of “Poor’s Allotment” (land allotted to the poor of the parish, now tremendously good wildlife habitat) to see the process of restoring a heathland in action. “